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A Conversation with Yale Fashion Blogger Ale Aguirre

SpottedY Fashion House
A Conversation with Yale Fashion Blogger Ale Aguirre

Claire Kalikman

Morse College ‘21

When asked about the importance of fashion, sophomore Ale Aguirre says it’s about how “you can express yourself through what you’re wearing. It’s a creative project. And it opens yourself up to people immediately.” That’s why she started her blog SIP IT Mag (, also an Instagram account (@sipit_mag) filled with an eclectic variety of images ranging from interior decoration to art to runway shots.

Why did you start your blog?

I’ve always been into fashion and beauty. I’ve started to love writing too since I came to Yale. It’s a way to express myself. I like design but I don’t have an art background. I hope to have a career in editorial or the broader fashion world, maybe as a blogger, influencer or in marketing.


What kinds of subjects do you write about?

I recently wrote an article about Game of Thrones-themed eye shadow palettes that I created on Beautonomy. I also published an essay that I wrote for an architecture class. I think the idea of “fashion” is broader than just clothes.

Where do you gather inspiration?

I draw inspiration from Instagram, from the news, from what I’m doing in my day-to-day life. Transitioning from my home in California to the East Coast for college was pretty wild. I’m glad that there are actually seasons here because it affords more opportunities to wear different pieces. I also love Bella Hadid and Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat). I like to follow other bloggers too (@mvb, @thefashionhotbox, etc).

What has your involvement in fashion looked like so far?


I was an intern at British Vogue last summer working in editorial and the archives. I was involved in investigating the history of Vogue, including making portfolios of photographers the company has worked with in the past. I learned a lot about the creation of an actual magazine. I took the one fashion class offered at Yale, a history of fashion with Professor Becky Conekin. But there are limited opportunities to explore the scholarship of fashion here. I’m actually a History major, though I’m also considering Psychology. My favorite class was actually - and I know this sounds morbid - called Death. It might me reconsider my relationship with life and death.

What is your favorite segment within fashion?

Weddings are my thing - I actually helped my cousin plan her wedding last year. I follow the major bridal designers, like Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta.

Now the important question - where do you like to shop?

For something really nice, I like the consignment site The RealReal. For basics with a twist, I like Zara. When I’m feeling a bit more grungy I go for something from Dolls Kill, Marsanne Brands, and a thrift haul. If I’m wanting a more classic vibe, I head to Femme Moderne on Depop! I like to look more business-oriented, but with a trendy edge. I like to wear fun makeup and have bright colors on my face, but something more neutral on my body. There’s nothing better than a classic black Burberry trench coat.