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10 Things to Keep You Warm this Winter

TrendingErmal Hajrizi
10 Things to Keep You Warm this Winter

By Cait Shea Wherry

(Title image via Pimms)

1. (Twill) Scarves, (Patchwork) Scarves, (Chunky) Scarves!

From Balenciaga blanket scarves to Topshop stoles, here are some favorites guaranteed to make you forget the cold.

2. Classic and Comfortable Pants:

Trousers like these are here to stay. The good news? They’ve got an expandable waistband perfect for Christmas dinner (which we all know is just Thanksgiving, round 2).

3. Sarah Jessica Parker pop-up:

Put down your cosmo and go. Immediately. Someone needs to tell me if this short-lived shop is as full of Manolo Blahniks as my dreams are.

4. Warm Candles:

Not your mom’s Feu de Bois (well, these two might be), but they smell just as good.

The WB

The WB

5. Gilmore Girls re-runs:

If you haven’t fallen in love with the impending snow yet, you might want to give GG another go until you just can’t wait to smell snow.

6. Multi-colored (Faux) Fur and Layered Folk Prints:

With a fall/winter season touting the benefits of the cozy and comfortable, there’s no question that bold colors and quirky patchwork are the best way to brighten up your cold-weather wardrobe.

7. Winter Pimm’s:

For that special Brit in your life (if Meghan Markle and T.Swift are doing it, why can’t we?): It tastes better than cider and justifies imbibing in the middle of the day. Best hot drink ever? You bet.

8. Soleil Tan de Chanel:

If you can’t actually sunbathe, you might as well get the second best thing — and the incredible, sculpted cheekbones that come with it. Not into this cult fave? Here are some other options.

9. Menswear:

Bigger pockets, warmer sweaters, longer sleeves. There’s really nothing not to love about this trend. This is similar to my current favorite, stolen straight from my boyfriend’s closet.

10. Junzi After Hours:

Junzi After Hours are over a year old and still a marvel. Plus, After Hours in New York now features cocktails! What more could you want on a cold night than a scallion bing and a Vodka Lychee?