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Y Fashion House is the only place for fashion at Yale. We aim to be the primary point of interaction between Yale creatives and the fashion world. Y Fashion House will be an incubator of creation, an avenue through which students who show interest in fashion and design can work collaboratively in creating works of art in the form of clothes, shows, and other organizational events. We aim to foster an environment where students of various backgrounds, regardless of experience, can join peers in the common pursuit of promoting fashion and design.

Who’s On Board?


Claire Kalikman is a junior in Morse College and co-President of YFH. She is majoring in Russian and Eastern European Studies, but spends most of her free time focused on fashion.  She has always loved fashion and the way that it connects people. She believes fashion is important way someone dresses immediately conveys who they are. Her favorite fashion moments have been hosting incredible speakers for the YFH Speaker Series and hearing about all the fields that intersect with fashion including politics, law, academia, and history.


Grace Jin is a junior in Pierson College and co-President of YFH. She is majoring in Global Affairs and Ethics, Politics, and Economics. She loves fashion because it is an unmatched fusion of history, culture, artistry, technical ability, and utilitarian function. Fashion is important to her because it allows her to reclaim societal standards of beauty and reshape them. Fashion is important because it shares a story—the hands that touched the design, fabric, dyes, embellishments, threads. Her favorite fashion moment was the intense satisfaction of hand-sewing a last pearl to an upcycled pair of thrifted jeans.

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Liliane Tran is a sophomore in and Benjamin Franklin College and the Social Director in the Events Committee. She is studying Architecture. She believes fashion is an expression of our thoughts, intentions, and desires. Sometimes it is an extension of our personality, but sometimes it is to hide certains part of ourselves. At its core, fashion is mysterious, which is why it is so alluring. There is never a single right answer. Sometimes, there are only questions. Fashion is important because it concerns everyone. Everyone interacts with fashion at some sort of level. Consequently, we must learn how to be more accountable when we approach fashion, while still embracing its freeing spirit. Her favorite fashion moment was when she was an intern at an art museum, and “one day we held a casual fashion show with clothes or accessories we designed ourselves that day. I glued intricate paper cutouts onto a white shirt I cropped and paired it with a fun skirt, while also having experimental makeup on. I remembered walking down the impromptu “runway” with cheers from my colleagues, and just thought it was such a pure moment of spontaneity, creativity, and support.”

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Jonara Jiménez is a sophomore in Pauli Murray and an aspiring environmental engineer. She is part of the YFH Events Committee, specifically organizing speaker events. “I have so many great ideas for potential invitees, all related somehow to fashion (and even beauty!), so I think it will be a great year for YFH. I love fashion because it’s its own unique form of self-expression and individualism in a society where it’s so hard to stand out or go against the grain. Fashion is now more important than ever with its growing responsibility to transform to a more environmentally friendly industry. The first time I ever felt a connection to fashion was when I stumbled upon a Project Runway episode on my TV. The contestants were challenged to create an outfit out of newspaper. The masterpieces that ensued were life-changing for me; I knew I would be interested in fashion for the rest of my life.

Clara Butler is a senior Economics major in Jonathan Edwards College. For the 2019-2020 school year she will be co-chairing the YFH Fashion Show with Haley Prince, which she is so excited about. She loves fashion, and she thinks it is important because it is a way for people to express themselves in an everyday manner. “My favorite fashion moment is from when I was little — I had a white tutu and red sparkly shoes (think The Wizard of Oz) that I wore everywhere and absolutely loved it.”


A junior in Ezra Stiles College at Yale University, Alessandra (Ale) Aguirre is the new Editorial Director of Yale Fashion House. She runs her own blog, YouTube channel, and has recently started her own clothing brand. She is dedicated to the expression of creativity through writing and fashion/beauty and wants to Yale Fashion House to be that space for the Yale community and beyond. Goals for 2019-2020: Publish the first ever Yale Fashion House print magazine, publish at least 3-4 articles a month on the blog, and being involved in producing Yale Fashion House events throughout the year!